Our work speaks for itself.

A selection of films mixed by Killian at Avatar.

A visual and sonic masterpiece, “The Lodgers” by Brian O’Malley.

IFTA 2018 Best Film Award, “Micheal Inside” directed by Frank Berry.

Director Ruan Magan’s magnificent “Pearl Harbor” for Discovery US.

Harvest Films thought-provoking “What We Leave in Our Wake”.

Listen to the dialogue, effects and foley work mix in and out.

Adrian McCarthy’s controversial sports film, “Rough Rider”.

“Jaha’s Promise” from Accidental PIctures and The Guardian.

Maurice Sweeney directs “John Connolly: Of Blood and Lost Things”.

“We Want the Light” from legendary director Christopher Nupen.

“Apples of the Golan”, the epic story of one village in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Stephen Rooke’s (Tile Films) masterful series, “Sacred Sites”.

Nigerian drama “Wetin Dey”. Audio post on location by Killian FitzGerald.

Director Garry Keane’s multiple award-winning (including IFTA for Best Sound) film “The Writing in the Sky”.

A 2001 'warts and all' documentary, featuring the extreme highs and lows of James Hunt's career and life: “The Real James Hunt”.